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Konnichiwa Kojin

Went through an old flash drive and realized some things. (1) I met Asher Rothe during my MTV internship waaaay before I started bumping his music. (2) I wrote some crazy stories back in the day. here’s an excerpt:

Mienai and Isamu had finally made it out of the murky forest and entered what appeared to be a western looking town square sans the town. For the most part, children littered the area playing catch and dancing in a gigantic fountain to the sound of a violin being played somewhere nearby. Whoever was playing said violin seemed to be highly skilled. The duo took several steps forward eyeing the old-fashioned appearance of the ‘town square without a town’ and stopped.
            “Where the hell are all the adults?” Mienai surveyed the area further. In a quick pan of the square he noticed a gigantic clock tower, a meat market, a clothing store, a toy store, a bakery, dozens of statues, a concert stage and a —-“BAR!”
            Isamu had a puzzled look on his face, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink…why all the excitement?”
            “I love SAKE!” Mienai spun around and ended his revolution with a flamboyant pose.
            “Can you even name any drinks with sake in it?”
            “Uh…let’s see… 42 Flying Mules, Sweet Japanese Peach, Sake It to Me, Sake Bomb,  Love Hotel, Hiroshima Helper, Blushing Geisha, Purple Wind, Blackout Drive, Midnight Samurai —-”
            “Enough,” Isamu put his hand up and then slowly down, “Let’s check it out…”
            From the outside, the bar known as Haiku Tavern seemed pretty tranquil. However on the inside it was filled with a barrage of characters. The rapid sound of the violin faded away as the two made their way into the saloon and upbeat rock music prevailed. Exotic dancers abused the poles on their platforms scattered throughout the warehouse sized building.

            “It definitely didn’t seem this big from outside man…” Mienai had the biggest smile on his face as the patrons and regulars glared him and Isamu down. They made their way to the circular bar top in the middle of the room. Hundreds of bottles of alcohol lined the shelves and Mienai could not contain himself.

“OH MY GOD!” He screamed.

            “Silence…” Isamu took a seat while Mienai continued to stand and ogle.

            The one bartender manning the mile long bar counter had grabbed Isamus’ attention. Not only was she efficient and swift, but she was beautiful. She also looked familiar. Within what appeared to be ten seconds she managed to mix three drinks and have them all in front of the men who made the request for them. She retrieved a wad of straws and tossed them into each glass from a distance as if she were an Olympic athlete at the javelin event.

            “What can I get you?” she locked eyes with Isamu. At that moment a year in bliss seemed to have transpired.


            “Wow brother…” Mienai put his hand on his shoulder, “…get a Gushy Violin…or a—-”
            “Yeah, I’ll have that…” Isamu finally came to.

            “What?” the bartender stared him down with her strawberry eyes.

            Isamu paused, “…a Gushy Violin.”

            “Coming right up…” She spun around and headed for the cabinet.

            “What is wrong with you man?” Mienai had the biggest grin on his face.

            “What?” Isamu cleared his throat, “She reminds me of someone…”

            “Get her name…it’s probably on her tag…” 

            “Yeah….you’re right…”

            The bartender had returned with his Gushy Violin.

            “Right about what?” she placed a heart shaped coaster in front of Isamu and position his drink on top of it.

            “Nothing…” Isamu snuck a glance at her chest. There, pinned to her chest was a tag with her name on it, “…Sakura.”

            She paused for a quick second and looked around. Then she looked at her name tag, “Oh,” She giggled then smiled, “I was like…‘how’d he know my name?’” She took a swig from a bottle of Tequila Rose, “…but yeah…name tag…” She took another swig.

            “Yup,” Isamu had already downed his drink. He felt the stares of the patrons burning into his back.

            “So…” Sakura looked around and seemed to notice the scrutiny of him as well, “What brings you to our town?”

            Isamu paused as Mienai made his way out into the crowd of dancers.

            “What town is this actually?”

            “It’s called ‘Townless’…” she poured him a glass of straight vodka, “…what brings you here?”

            “Seemed like a nice place to stop for a second…” He drank the glass of vodka in a single gulp, “…what brought you here?”

            Sakura poured him another glass, “Fate.”

            “HEY! LET ME GET ANOTHER DRINK!” a huge red headed man waved his arms from the other side of the bar.

            “Sorry Henry…it’d be against my better judgment…” Sakura poured Isamu another glass. You’ve had two shots of Jack and you’re already a mess…touching the dancers and you broke that one guys’ nose like twenty minutes ago!”

            “HE DESERVED IT!”

            Isamu let out a short and light laugh.

            “SOMETHING FUNNY GAIJIN!”  Henry stood up.

            “Please sit down Henry,” Sakura and Isamu spoke in unison and then locked eyes with one another. They seemed to be on the road to having “a moment”. But that was then detoured by Henry.

            “HENRY!” Sakura waved her hands in the air as Henry took Isamu by the neck with one hand and tossed him into the crowd.

            “I’LL SHOW YOU! NO ONE LAUGHS AT HENRY!” Henry made his way into the mosh pit of dancers and deviants.

            Isamu had landed atop the crowd of people as if he had just landed on a crowd. They began crowd surfing him towards the exit in a nice smooth motion. He had the look of a man with no worries on his face. He landed on his feet at the edge of the sea of party goers who cheered and patted him on the back on his way out. The sound of a violin had returned to his ears. Isamu began to dust himself off right outside the entrance of the tavern. He looked left and then right.

            “Mienai?” he called out. The town square felt a bit quiet although the children were still dancing and playing in the fountain, “Mienai?” He walked down the steps leading to the bar and now stood out in the open and away from the porch. He twirled around and retrieved his gun as Henry burst through the bar doors creating a gigantic crater in the side of the building.

            “YOU BASTARD!” Henry towered over Isamu with a gigantic hammer and advanced rapidly for a man of his size.

            “Shit.” Isamu got a bead on Henrys’ knee cap, pulled the trigger after a second of hesitation and watched the bullet leave the barrel and trek towards the bone.

            In a matter of seconds the music resonating from the unseen violin increased in pitch and amplitude. This coincided with Henry exploding into a million pieces. The only thing left was his hammer, a puddle of blood and chunks of flesh and bone. Isamu sidestepped, executed a back handspring and cart wheeled and landed a few yards away from the bloody precipitation of Henrys’ decapitation.

            “WHAT THE FUCK!?” Mienai stood in front of an ocean of onlookers with several bottles of alcohol in his hands, “WHAT THE FUCK!?”

            Isamu slowly turned his head to the right.

            There in the middle of the clearing behind the fountain sat a woman in a steal chair holding a bow and giant violin.

            “First things first,” she let her hair down, “This is a cello…not a violin.”

            “BEAT THIS CHICK!” Mienai cheered Isamu on.

            “I intend to.”

            “WELCOME TO THE RECITAL!” She sent another shockwave from her cello towards Isamu more devastating than the one that shattered Henry.



5 Things You Should Do For 2014

I don’t believe in resolutions or “Rezos”. I do believe in changing the way you do things to better yourself. And, coincidentally, making the decision to do so right in time for January. Let’s begin:

  1. Gym (obvi right?). Be it your traditional gym or the world outside, you should do weight training, cardio or some sort of activity that gets your blood pumping just a little bit. I don’t believe in diets…but I do believe in eating right and taking care of yourself for the future. When you’re old, you’ll be better off for it. I am definitely not some guerrilla juice-head from the Jersey Shore, but I do aspire to be like Batman. And a sedentary lifestyle will not get me there. You know why you walk around with good posture? So you’re not stuck slumped over later.
  2. Tell them how you feel. If you like someone, go for it. If there’s one thing skateboarding has taught is that sometimes you can’t prep or devise a plan. You just gotta make the approach and you’ll know what to do when you get there. Thinking about it too much will just lead to a missed opportunity. And if you failed, guess what? You learned something for next time.
  3. Travel. I have one or two friends who travel the world a lot. One of them spent the summer in Spain, France, Thailand, Hogwarts, etc. Go into your savings if you have to. Which is pretty much useless if you never spend the money that’s in it before you’re too old to do anything real with it. If you don’t wanna do that, eat out less. Less movies. More dates that involve a home cooked meal and Netflix. Go somewhere an hour or two away. Then 6 hours. Road trip. Flight. Anything. Just go away.
  4. Don’t be an asshole. The only thing worse than being an asshole is being a major asshole. If you wanna be bitter and rude, keep it to yourself. That goes for the haters too. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  5. Lastly, be you. Do you. And make no apologies for it. Just be a better you. The best you the world has ever seen.
  6. Gonna toss in an extra one…if you have a dream pursue it. I wanna say quit your job if you hate it and start something, but you gotta make sure you can handle food, clothing and shelter with a backup job you hate a little less. If you aren’t that lucky, fund your passions with your current 9 to 5 during 6-8. Stop getting hyped on celebrities. Stop fanning out over your role models for a second and instead of envying Jennifer Lawrence, become your very own Jennifer Lawrence. Less video games, internet and television. More thinking, planning and doing. If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.

NYE 2013

I don’t really drink a lot. But you kinda have to if you’re gonna pay $99 for the privilege of attending some of these New Years Eve parties. Well, you don’t HAVE to…I mean, you could pay the $70 for an open bar and NOT drink anything whatsoever.

If you’re into that kind of thing.

I am torn.

Or am I?


Lego, Pirates + Bodies Exhibit

The next few blog entries are of the event. It was free and photography was allowed for that night only. So, I took a couple. It’s 10 pics per post here, hence why they’re spread out.